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Contact Person
Including the name of a contact person helps foster confidence to the consumer using the directory. It reassures them when they have a name of someone they can talk with if a problem occurs. We strongly recommend that you include a Contact Person’s name in your listing.
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Company Tag Line
If your Company has a slogan, please include it, that will help build your brand. Tag line e.g. "Connecting Michigan Businesses" – If you have not established a company-branded slogan we suggest a strong generic tag line e.g. "Serving our community for over 10 years"
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Company Overview
The Company Overview can be a paragraph or list of bullet points. Remember, sometimes less is more. Include those company features that consumers are most likely to buy.
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Search Engine Keywords
Keywords are words added in the background of your listing page which help to optimize your placement to the top of the list on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Keywords are not visible to directory users. Your Keyword list should include those words that most consumers would "Google" in order to find companies like yours. In this list you should include all your most popular products and services. When entering your Keywords, divide each word or phrase with a comma.

Here is an example of a Keyword list for a plumber: plumbing, plumber, piping, pipes, sink, toilet, service, water heater, excavating, supply, since 1968, 24 hour service, tubs, showers, faucet, drains, leak, clogged, clog, copper, repair, royal oak, michigan, 48067, oakland county (AND the list goes on as needed). You may have noticed, the list is NOT case sensitive. All lower case is standard.
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Methods of Payment
List the Payment Methods your company accepts. Methods of payment are clearly displayed as icons including: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Cash, Checks, and others.
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Including your E-Mail address on a web directory can result in unwanted spam. Typically we do not recommend including your E-mail address. Instead, when consumers visit your web site they can access your contact information and directly e-mail from your site.
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Logo Displayed
Do you have a company logo? If so, it will be boldly displayed on your category pages and on your online directory advertising page.
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Video Profile
Add your online business video and drive more traffic to your business directory web page. Video helps optimize your page placement on the most popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and it strengthens your business message. Instantly you grab the consumer's attention and bring your business to life. Tell your story in 2 to 3 minutes time. Many consumers won't take the time to read, but they will watch. Submit your video to us, or upload it to YouTube and we will add this exciting feature to your advertising page.
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Directory Ad Printable
Send us a current print versions of a display ad, company flyer, etc. Visitors to your directory listing page can click on the "View Ad" button and your printable ad will pop up. You can send us jpegs, tifs, or pdf files. Our graphics department will adjust your submission accordingly so it adapts effectively to our format.
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Send us your coupon, discount or special offer information. Visitors to your directory listing page can click on the "View Coupons" button and your offers will pop-up and are printable. You can e-mail us your text for up to three different coupon offers. Here’s what you should include in your e-mail for each coupon: HEADLINE e.g. 10% OFF, followed by a text DESCRIPTION e.g. Any cleaning service - carpet, floor, auto or boat, then enter EXPIRATION DATE or leave blank for "none." Your Logo, Company Name, Address, and Phone will automatically be included as they appear on your directory advertising page.
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Top Tiles are available with the Gold Package only at a small additional annual fee. Only four Top Tiles are available in each category, and are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. From year-to-year, those advertisers that have previously secured top tiles in their category(s) do have the first right of refusal. Top Tiles are available at the top of each category page throughout the directory and are clickable, linking directly to your advertising page.
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